Russian Vodka Appreciation at Buyan, Duxton Hill -Learn About and Drain 6 Different Shots of Premium Russian Vodka - $58 per person (Sat 16th July)

Zdravstvuyte (Hello) and Nazdarovya (Cheers),

This month, the City Nomads and proud and excited to work in conjunction with Buyan - Russian Restaurant and Caviar Bar, a new venue recently opened up in the Duxton Conservation area that has been attracting a lot of attention from the media.

Maybe it's because of their $5million wine collection, or their 80+ craft beers, or 70+ vodkas?...Or maybe their outstanding food and service... In this Nomad's opinion, Buyan's spirit selection is pretty much unrivaled by any bar in Singapore.

Our first vodka tasting and appreciation night features exclusively Russian Vodkas (mostly unavailable at any other venue in Singapore) - Kubansyaka, Pertsovska, Sibirskaya, Dozor, Starka and the famous Russian Standard Platinum. On top of all this, Buyan will also be serving up some traditional Khachapuri (cheese baked bread) to help line your stomachs.

Any of these Vodkas purchased on the night will also be available at a nice 10% off regular price.

So why not start (and possibly end) your saturday night in Russian style? See you there!

Date and Time: 8-10pm and onwards, Saturday 16th July 2011.