Georgian hospitality and culture of honouring guests is legendary.
Gathering around a table heavy with delicious platters and bottles of wine gives the feeling of unity and brotherhood. Therefore Russian people have always enjoyed being a part of such a feast and admired Georgian cuisine and traditions of viticulture. Khvanchkara, Kindzmarauli – those names of semi-sweet reds from Georgian vinegrapes – are known so well and loved so much by most Russians.


Here in BUYAN we want to share with you our love for Georgian feasting and introduce amazing wines from the world’s most ancient winemaking region.
With the assistance of our Georgian friend and consultant from Georgian Wine Distributors Pte Ltd we paired traditional dishes with the wines made from indigenous grape varieties of Georgia and believe it will create an authentic and delicious experience for all the guests.
Make an acquaintance with one of the Oldest Wine Producing Regions of the World
Open the whole new world of flavours with every sip of Georgian Wines made from Ethnic Grape Varieties of Georgia & complemented with authentic Food from Caucasus Mountains

Date & Time: SATURDAY 12 June 7:30 PM
Menu Price: S$95+
For enquiries and reservations please call 62237008 or email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it