Don’t let the name of this restaurant scare you off, as Buyan Russian Haute Cuisine & Caviar Bar offers casual dining as well, in a really nice setting on the third storey of a Duxton Hill shophouse:


I really liked the candelabra and pseudo stained glass windows.


Must tries: kamchatka crab, lamb kharco

The dearth of Russian cuisine in Singapore has pretty much narrowed our Russian culinary vocabulary to ‘shashlik’ and ‘borscht soup’. And it doesn’t help that words like peasantry and rustic spring to mind when one think of Russian cuisine.

But all that is set to change with the opening of Buyan.


Buyan Russian Restaurant & Caviar Bar

Gourmet dining with a difference - not only does Buyan Russian Restaurant & Caviar Bar serve exquisite Russin fare and premium vodkas, they also do it with a conscience, such as using farmed meats and humane methods of extracting caviar.


Buyan Russian Restaurant and Caviar Bar

Think of a mythical island, a far-off land that is an ever elusive dream…this is what Buyan is. For a taste of the exotic culinary adventures of a bygone era of Czars and Czarinas, Buyan Russian Restaurant and Caviar Bar is heaven at last.


No longer merely the mythological disappearing island in Russian folklore, Buyan has manifested itself tangibly in this Duxton Hill space that spans two shophouses and three floors. Vodka and caviar bars on the ground level serve over 50 premium voddies; terrace and courtyard settings on the second are for fine dining; and a casual dining space up top holds a service bar.