Salad Platter

Salad Platter

Here are some Russian stereotypes:
1) They live in a country subject to extremely cold conditions.
2) They drink more vodka than water.
3) They are grumpy.

Come on, ‘fess up if you’ve guilty of drawing similar parallels in your head at the mention of the word Russian. And guilty we were when we stepped into Buyan Russian Restaurant and Bar, slightly apprehensive of what Russian food entailed. Nestled in the eclectic Duxton Hill, we were greeted by a newly renovated Buyan that boasts wood paneled interiors giving a cosy, log-cabin like feel. Buyan’s well-stocked bar was, not surprisingly, filled with a variety of exotic vodka bottles.
When it comes to Russian food, most of us draw a blank. As explained to us by our hospitable host and marketing manager of Buyan, Katia, (who by the way, speaks with a slight Singlish accent!) Russians spend most of the year in extremely cold weather. Being subject to short days and long nights, their body clocks are attuned to the primary need to keep warm beneath thick furs and who then is able to smile in temperatures of -20 degrees?

However, Russian food is nothing like its weather.


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Buyan Russian Restaurant and Caviar Bar

Experience Russia at Buyan with its distinct interior designs inspired by Russian fairy tales and hearty portions of authentic and elegant cuisine. The socially conscious enterprise not only takes pride in serving a wholesome dining experience but also in the means of obtaining caviar and meat – only farmed varieties for the fine dining establishment!

Seriously, I don't know how it has taken me this long to write about Buyan, especially considering that I am there at least once a month.

That being the case, I'm saying upfront now that this is going to be one of two features devoted to them. Whilst the next one will be about their bar and insanely good selection of drinks (especially the vodka), this review is all about the food which in my opinion has gone up by leaps and bounds since they first opened, to which I give a lot of credit to their new Chefs, Daniel and Sasha.

So after another superb wine tasting held at Buyan (May's theme was 'Greatest Pinot Noirs of New Zealand'), I had the chance to sit down with the other wine boffins and satiate our bellies.

First up was the Mimosa Salad ($10), a layered cake of cooked salmon flakes, egg, carrot, white onion and some homemade mayonnaise ....This is one of the staples when I dine at Buyan. It's wholesome, simple and pairs nicely with a shot of vodka.

I should mention the Herring under Fur Coat ($18) which sadly I don't have a photo of. It's somewhat similar to the Mimosa Salad except that it's two fundamental ingredients are salted herring and cooked beetroot. I love this one, especially as a bar snack with some of Buyan's awesome spirits.




Won vouchers unexpectedly from Russian restaurant "Buyan". Kind of panicked because I wasn't prepared for an idea THIS NEW. (Russian food isn't very major in multi-racial Singapore yet, ya'know) Finally visited Buyan during lunch time yesterday. Ordered a 3-course lunch consisting of an appetiser, a main and a dessert. Anything from the main menu can be selected, except for caviar. (That's ok, I can't appreciate black fish eggs) All dishes were delectable!! Not so hard to accept as I thought (too much). 

Appetiser/SoupChicken Lapsha (Russian Chicken Soup with Handmade Noodles and Vegetables)
One of the hot soup dishes. Examples of other hot soups are Borscht and Ukha. Somehow it had my omoni (mum)'s taste!! How incredible. A comfort food good for winter. I'm so going to try making this at home.

Chicken Lapsha
куриная лапша
Next up, main dishChicken Kiev (Deep-fried Chicken Breasts rolled in garlic butter) served with Mushroom Sauce.